A massive amount of RC's, pharms, and other substances. The topic of our discussion.

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This Wikia exists to help reduce harm with the use of illicit substances. This wikia does not in anyway condone the use of illegal substances, but it would like to prevent possible deaths and/or hospitalizations from harmful information or a lack of access to safe, reliable information on said illicit substances. We here at DrugsAreBad Wikia just want you to have the abolute best fun possible, while getting your money or substances' worth, but in the safest manner possible while also preventing the spread of dangerously false information.

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If you feel that you have reputable information about the reduction of harm of illicit substances or have refences that would prove helpful for articles feel free so send me, Dr_InsertSmartName, a private message stating how you could assist in the development of this wikia. This is a community tool for proactively spreading harm reduction, not a place for false information to be propagated. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated by the editors and community members. If you encounter false, suspicious, or dangerous information please inform Dr_InsertSmartName Thank you.


Soon, we will be starting a forum for the discussion of illicit substances and their harm reduction. This forum will be closely affiliated with our goals here and will be mainly for disscussing misunderstood information and alerting admins about pages with misleading/false information. Though, the forums will have a section for open discussion because we're such nice people here at the DrugsAreBad Wikia.

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3/9/2012 - The idea for this Wikia was formed by a small group due to tragic events that proved near-fatal and resulted in the hospitalization of multiple close friends.

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